Lunch Catering

Traiterie Chef takes care of your catering

From 20 tot 100 persons
Would you like to order a buffet that suits your event?
Be inspired by our wide choice of lunch options. From crispy sandwiches, wraps or quiche to a complete meal for your crew.

Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.


Crispy baked rolls

Vers gebakken broodjes met luxe beleg

Crispy baked rolls with a wide choice of luxurious toppings, such as:

Luxury Cheese
–  Farmer’s Brie met fig jam
–  Bleu d’Auvergne with tomato salsa
–  Goat cheese with honey

Luxury meat topping
–  Roastbeef with truffle mayo
–  Italian Salami
–  Serrano Ham

–  Smoked Salmon with cream cheese
–  Home-made Tuna salad

Home-made salad
–  Egg salad
–  Waldorf salad
–  Salmon salad

– Hummus with smoked paprika
– Avocado mash

Crew catering

Where people work hard, people eat well.
A complete meal on location for your team of 20 people or more.

Classic Cuisine
–  Paella chicken + chorizo
–  Bami ajam
–  Pasta Tuscan chicken
–  Rendang

Vegetarian Cuisine
–  Lasagna Verde
–  Aubergine Traybake
–  Nasi Goreng with Pisang
– Foe yong hai 

Vegan Cuisine
–  Pumpkin Curry
–  Ratatouille
–  Pasta Caponata
–  Farmer’s Goulash

Crew catering

Quiche & wraps

Quiche & wraps

With these home-made Quiches and Wraps you give your buffet an original twist.

Quiche – individuals
– Italian quiche
– Quiche di Capra
– Quiche Chicken Curry

Quiche – savory pie
–  Spicy quiche
–  Di Capra quiche
–  Gateau Normandie
–  Salmon quiche

–  Ham, Cheddar, Cream cheese
–  Smoked Salmon, Cream cheese
–  Mexican Chicken with tomato and corn
–  Hummus with grilled veggies

Fruit & salads

Follow the seasons of the year with us.
Choose for our fresh and local Fruit or go for our well filled healthy Salads:

(Hand) Fruit                                                     
– Strawberries
– Melon
– Pineapple
– Banana
– Tangerine
– Oranges
– Apple

Salad of the Season
– Shirazi Salad
– Salad Fattoush
– Greek Salad with feta and olives
– French salad with haricot verts
– Fresh Fruitsalad

Fruit & salade



A delicious soup to complement your lunch buffet.
Always well filled, always based on a homemade broth.
For a group of 20 people or more.

Classic Cuisine
–  Creamy soup of mixed Mushrooms
–  Tom kha kai
–  Minestrone

Vegetarian – Vegan
–  Tomato soup with Roasted Pepper
–  Red Lentil soup
–  Pumpkin Coconut soup

Fresh juices, smoothies & drinks

Freshly squeezed and with love for our planet.

Fresh Juices and Smoothies
–   Orange Juice
–  Apple juice
–  Mango Madness
–  Strawberry Fool
–  Carrot Gingerboost

Otganic Soda
– Gingerale
– Raspberry

Soda Water
– Non sparkling water per bottle
– Sparkling per bottle


Coffee & Tea

Verse sappen, smoothies & drankjes

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